Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Society of Sinners (Volume 1)

I wish I had read the book " Danger from Within", which i believe Brandon appeared first. Brandon there was just a thing or a guy yeah, Lena used to make Dan jealous, and I badly want to know read the details in that book, to know what happened between Brandon and Lena. Although, it can't be denied that The society of Sinners stand for itself. this book is Brandon's own story, the author gives us here a clear description of his life and his past. teh story was engaging and interesting, and a mixture of romance, action and humor sums up to make a good read. The characters here are given outstanding characteristics. The story is well-plot and funny at times,.
worth the while book !:) 

Nestled high in the mountains…
The quiet community of Jackson Station is where everyone knows your name and…species?
Vampires have existed since almost the beginning of time, but not in the way we have been led to believe. These were not men cursed by the devil but warriors blessed by God to have great strength, agility, and eternal life.
Eternal life came at a price, the price of human blood. Some chose to live within their own society; The Society of Sinners.

This is the first in Charity Parkerson’s new sinners series introducing a paranormal world filled with vampires, werewolves, changeling, and God’s greatest warrior.

you can find your own copy here!

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