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The Other Guy's Bride

The Other Guy's Bride by Connie Brockway
  • Paperback: 386 pages
  • Publisher: Montlake Romance (December 22, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1612181449
  • ISBN-13: 978-1612181448
Determined to prove her worth as a budding archeologist, Ginesse Braxton vows to solve one of the world's greatest mysteries--to find the location of the lost city of Zerzura. Unfortunately, no man dares take the risk of escorting the resolute young scholar across the open desert. But on her way to Egypt, Ginesse engages in a daring deception: She will switch places with Mildred Whimpelhall, who is traveling to meet her fiancé.

Cynical adventurer Jim Owen will do anything to escape the dark secrets of his troubled past. Betrayed by the woman he loved and scorned by proper society, he agrees to carry out a danger-fraught task: escort Mildred Whimpelhall across a lawless desert to her intended. But Jim is about to learn that "Mildred" isn't exactly what she seems...and the dangers they face together are eclipsed by an even greater peril: falling in love, against all reason, with another guy's bride.

The other guys bride, as the title suggest is a story of a guy who should protect and guide the bride to her rightful groom but unexpectedly falls in love with her in the process.

I usually read historical romances set in a palace, a countryside, ballroom parties, and anything that suggest old-fashioned ways of romances—never thought I end up in Egypt!..:)…but absolutely I can say I enjoyed reading this book every bit along the way.

I’d like to give kudos to the book for the cover, it isn’t by any means wonderful or anything, but there’s something in it that made me pause and sigh, the woman is amazingly beautiful there and-well, I just loved the cover!

It’s quite fascinating to find myself in a quest for a lost-city in Egypt, and more, engage in a complicating romance between Ginesse and Jim,.. These 2 characters are annoying sometimes, but totally lovable..I find myself saying to both of them to finally wake up and be themselves..:D… The heroine is feisty, outspoken, stubborn and intelligent, and the hero is handsome, mysterious, independent, yup sexy..but both of them have one weakness in common, love, they live through their brains, but when they finally met, their hearts begin to take over, so, what more can you ask for?!…

I enjoyed so much Ginesse’s character, she might not be a really wholesome woman in our society today, but she’s prank and the words that come out of her mind are both funny and real..:D

I love the ending even though other readers said it’s unreal, but for me it’s not bad to believe that fantasies happen once in a while, Jim’s declaration of love is totally romantic…

The Other guy’s bride is a well-researched tale of finding the lost city of Zerzura in Egypt with mistaken identities, adventure, hot romance, (witty and totally funny dialogues and realizations about love and life)… Read this book and be transported into a world of historical romance..:) highly recommended!

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  1. They haven't read THE OTHER GUY'S BRIDE by Connie Brockway. So they're feeling unlucky and a bit left out.

  2. I'm not into historical romance but this looks good. Great review!


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