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Winners: October-month-long-anniversary-celebration!

NOTE: please do read this. I don't contact winners if I have sufficient information about them, if the giveaway is courtesy of the author or third party I just send the winner's info to the host, I don't personally contact the winners unless I need your mailing address or I need some clarification.This post serves as notifications, so please read, and whenever you see your name and hadn't receive your prize, then please do contact me. Also, please make sure, you leave your proper contact info. There are a lot of winners that didn't know they won just because of this.

 Sorry if it took me awhile to pick the winners, I've been busy verifying the entries :)

Thank you so much everyone for participating. Thank you for the followers and the new followers ;) Thank you for following and reading Bookshelf Confessions. We love you so much !!!

You might have notice that it wasn't a complete 30-day-giveaway, well, don't worry I'll make up for that this January, so watch out for the missing 11 giveaways.

 The winners have been contacted. They have until December 31, 2013 to verify their emails and snail mail addresses, failure upon which I'll choose another winner. So I haven't posted the winners' names here yet.

Thank you and until the next bloggoversary :)

Day 1: Month-long-2-year-anniversary-start-up-post (GIVEAWAYS FROM OMNIFIC PUBLISHING!)

 There will be  6 YA giveaways ( 3 series and 3 stand-alones), and so 6 winners

Kate Evangelista's Reaper series
Cherie Colyer's Embrace series 
Carol Oates' Ember Series

Stand Alone:
Destiny's Fire by Trisha Wolfe
Streamline by Jennifer Lane 
Breaking Point by Jess Bowen

Day 2: Month-long-anniversary: The Book that prompt me to do Book Reviews (Twilight Saga Giveaway)

 The Twilight Saga Series, yes, all four books to three lucky followers--

First Winner- Hardback copies
Second and Third Winners- mobi/kindle copies
open Internationally

Day 3: Month-long-anniversary:Giveaway + Spotlight: Emily's House by Natalie Wright

 a copy of Emily's House

Day 4: Month-long-anniversary:(My very first book review on Bookshelf Confessions) Guest Post + Author Interview Giveaway: Michael Griffo

 three lucky winners to have 3 mobi/kindle copies each from 

Best Books of 2011: The Top 100 (Amazon)  to see the full list, click here 


Day 5: month-long-anniversary celebration featuring Jennifer Estep- bestselling urban fantasy author ( plus an author-donated giveaway)

  a copy of Midnight Frost


Day 6: Month-Long-Anniversary-Celebration: Featuring Waterproof by Amber Garr (Author of the Syrenka Series) Excerpt + Giveaways

 An ebook copy of 1) The Syrenka Series Box Set; 2) Touching Evil; and 3) Waterproof


Day 7: Month-long-anniversary-celebration:Jennifer Lane, author of With Good Behavior (Excerpt + Giveaway)

 Ebook of With Good Behavior


Day 8: Month-long-anniversary-celebration: Clean Teen Publishing ( book giveaways + bookmarks set)

 Prize 1: 13 winners -Double Star, Concealed in Shadows, Rising, The Woodlands,Wonderstruck, World Aflame Series, Heartkeeper Saga, Ele Series, Night Marchers Series, Brink of Distinction Series, Bionics Series, Angus Macbain and Reluctant Guardian


Prize 2: 3 winners - prize packs of assorted Clean Teen Publishing bookmarks

Day 9: Month-Long-Anniversary Celebration:Featuring Natalie Wright, Emily's Trial (Excerpt + giveaway) plus cover reveal of Emily's Heart (3rd book)

 copy of Emily's Trial

Day 10:Month-Long-Anniversary-Celebration: Featuring Bound By Prophecy by Melissa Wright (Giveaway)

 2 e-book copies of Bound By Prophecy

Day 11: Month-long-giveaway-celebration:Exclusive Author Interview: Wendy Higgins (The Sweet Trilogy) + giveaway

 $10 book from Book Depository

Day 12: Month-Long-Anniversary-Celebration featuring C.C. Hunter ( Author Interview + Author Donated Giveaway)

Born at Midnight + Bookmark

Day 14: Month-Long-Anniversary Celebration: Featuring Stir by Jenna Bernel (Excerpt + Writer's Cave) plus giveaways!

 5 people US/CAN could win a prize package consisting of:  
A free e-book copy of Taste for Blood: Stir, and The Secret Trinity: Unearth
a signed bookmark
dogtag necklace
 INT giveaway: 5 people win a prize package of:
 A free e-book copy of Taste for Blood: Stir, and The Secret Trinity: Unearth.

Day 15: Month-long-anniversary-celebration: Perks of the Writer's Life by Naomi Kinsman + Shades of Truth Giveaways

 2 copies of Shades of Truth

Author Giveaway US only

Day 16: Month;Long-Anniversary Celebration: Featuring Lisa Burstein: Exclusive Author Interview + Giveaway

 $5 Amazon Gift Card

Day 17: Month-Long-Anniversary Celebration: Featuring Brazen (An Entangled Imprint) plus Giveaways **Adult books**

 3 winners will have one Brazen book
You can view the books here

Day 18: Month-Long-Anniversary-Celebration: Featuring Jana Oliver ( Author Interview + Author Donated Giveaway)

Demon Trappers' Swag + a copy of Briar Rose

Day 19: Month-Long-Anniversary Celebration: Featuring Jamie Carie plus Rush to The Altar Chapter 2 and giveaway

 Rush to the Altar 

Author Giveaway US only


Day 22: Month-long-anniversary-celebration:featuring Linda Poitevin, author of the Grigori Legacy series from Ace/Roc Books (Excerpt + Giveaway)

winner's choice of signed book 1 (Sins of the Angels)
signed book 2 (Sins of the Son) 
Author Giveaway US only


  1. Hi! My name is Vera Machado and I received an email informing that I won Ele Series e-book and prize packs of assorted Clean Teen Publishing bookmarks INT.

  2. so apparently i've won too - i'm a bit confused as to what exactly, but i think it were those prizes:
    e-book copy of Taste for Blood: Stir, and The Secret Trinity: Unearth
    one Brazen book
    3 mobi/kindle copies each from Best Books of 2011: The Top 100 (Amazon)
    Demon Trappers' Swag + a copy of Briar Rose INT; print

    Elena V.

  3. My name is Amber McCallister, and I was informed that I won The Syrenka Series Box Set; e-book. Abby - thank you so much for your wonderful giveaway! :)

  4. My name is Jess Ica D and I was informed that I won Kate Evangelista's Reaper series ;e-book. Thanks so much for your giveaway!

  5. My name in the rafflecopter form is Diana Dinky and I was chosen as the winner of the Rising; e-book. Thank you very much for this amazing giveaway :)

  6. My name is Ashtrie Karana Putrie, I see that I'm winning Emily's House; e-book. I also replying your initial email, hope it's already in your inbox. :p
    Thanks again.......

  7. I think I won:

    jennifer k:
    3 mobi/kindle copies each from Best Books of 2011: The Top 100 (Amazon) to see the full list, click here


  8. My name is Evette Torres and I won World Aflame Series; e-book. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  9. YAY! I'm Maria Smith and I won 3 mobi/kindle copies each from Best Books of 2011: The Top 100 (Amazon)

    Thanks so much!

  10. I'm January Matthews and I've won Born at Midnight + Bookmark INT; print
    Double Star; e-book. Thanks so much for the giveaways! :D

  11. I'm Simonet Ayana Hodges and I won the Heartkeeper Saga; e-book. Thanks for the giveaway♥

  12. Hey, I'm Sam Newbury and I won:
    Demon Trappers' Swag + a copy of Briar Rose INT; print


  13. Hi! I'm Adelynne Chang and I won a free e-book copy of Taste for Blood: Stir, The Secret Trinity: Unearth, a signed bookmark, and a dog tag necklace, Thanks!

  14. My names Amber Hall and I won a copy of Midnight Frost.

  15. My name is Karen Palmer Arrowood, and I won a print copy of Shades of Truth. :-). I just emailed you. Thank you very much!

  16. HI!!! My name is Tiffany Webb and according to the email you sent I won A free e-book copy of Taste for Blood: Stir, and The Secret Trinity: Unearth; a signed bookmark; dogtag necklace US/CAN & a Waterproof; e-book


  17. Hello my name is Ashley Ryan Snyder! I won: winner's choice of signed book 1 (Sins of the Angels) or signed book 2 (Sins of the Son) US; print I am about to email you!


  19. Wow, I won a copy of Emily's Trial. My name is Lissette (Marvil) Martinez woohoo! Thanks and congrats everyone else!

  20. My name is Natasha Donohoo I won I think the $5 Amazon gift card.
    Thank you!

  21. Hi Miss Abby.
    This is Say Yap.I think I won Shades of Truth.But on the blog it says US only.I am from the Philippines.I really would love to win a signed copy of any book.
    Congratulations again on your Anniversary.Keep blogging.Maraming Salamat at Maligayang Pasko.

  22. My name is Giedre Sliumba and I won Clean Teen Publishing bookmarks.

  23. my name is Karin Shaim,I won Carol Oates' Ember Series; e-book
    would love it to be sent to

  24. Hi and Thank You! My name is Chrissy Wolfe and I won an e-book copy of Breaking Point by Jess Bowen. It can be sent to me at

    Thank you!


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