Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Stages of Waiting For A New Book

This is too funny to pass out.  I found this post in Epic Reads  . And I thought I share it with you, I guess all of us has experience these stages in waiting for a new book :)


What stage of this emotional process are you in?

You just found out about an upcoming book with a premise that actually interests you.

You’re not making any new commitments (you’ve been burned before) but the book is officially on your radar.

A few weeks go by and the publisher reveals the cover and IT. IS. AWESOME.
You’re sold.

Research on the book continues but you find out that the book doesn’t come out for A YEAR AND A HALF and that annoys you to no end.

WHATEVER. You rationalize that the wait will be worth it and you have plenty of books to get through in your TBR pile in the meantime.

And so the long wait begins. At first, it’s NBD. Bring on the wait. You got this.

A few months go by. Your hard, emotional shell is beginning to crack a little.

Nine months go by from when you first heard about it and one day someone posts a photo of an ARC their Instagram. YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THERE WERE ARCS LET ALONE THE FACT THAT SOME PEOPLE GOT THEM ALREADY.

The publisher makes things worse by posting a 40 page sneak peek online. This is supposed to make you happy but really it just makes you even angrier that you don’t have the whole book to read right this second.

(You = Schmidt. The Publisher = the dude in the fish hat.)

You spend the rest of the time until publication day in a moody, impatient, stressed out state.

But before you know it, publication day is here and you realize that the wait wasn’t so bad and was totally worth it.

Oh the sweet, sweet satisfaction.

(Until you do it all over again.)

This post has been brought to you by the following books (and all of these):


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The Stages of Waiting For A New Book

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