Tuesday, June 26, 2012

E-book Giveaway Blast

Hi everyone, I’ll be hosting an e-book giveaway. Some I have read, reviewed and some are on my TBR list. So I hope you’ll read it as much as I want to..:)

Anyways, there will be more than 50 e-books up for grabs. And you could win more or less 5, as long as you follow the rules.
  1. The only thing you need to do is to comment on this post
Each comment serves as one (1) entry.
NOTE: you could comment whatever you like and as many times as you like… as long as it should have an interval. (the comment next to yours should be from another, and then you could comment again.)
  1. No need to be a follower. You could even comment as anonymous as long as you include your name on the comment.
  2. Leave a way to contact you if I don’t already have it. 
    Comment on this page do not count

There will be 5 winners per day who get to choose 3 books from below.

If you already commented 10 times (with interval-I do check).. Comment on this post that you did so, and I’ll contact you for your free 2 copies.

June 29- winner

Here’s the e-books for grabs
Kindle only:
  1. Allegiance, a Thriller by Derek Blass
  2. Amaranth (The Resistance Trilogy) by Rachael Wade
  3. Bound by Blood (Paranormal Romance/Time Travel) by Danielle Bourdon, Kimberly Hoyt
  4. Justifiable (Oregon) by Pamela Wright
  5. Eden (Eden Saga) by Matthew C. Plourde
  6. Haven (War of the Princes) by A. R. Ivanovich
  7. Heart Strings by Betty Jo Schuler
  8. Kill Me by Alex Owens
  9. Living in Darkness (Bloodbreeders) by Robin Renee Ray
  10. Maggie for Hire (Maggie MacKay - Magical Tracker) by Kate Danley
  11. Midnight Sun by MJ Fredrick
  12. Nikolas & Company:The Merman and The Moon Forgotten by Kevin McGill
  13. Pleasure With Purpose by Lisa Renee Jones
  14. Pretty When She Dies: A Vampire Novel by Rhiannon Frater
  15. She Speaks to Angels: YA Angel Thriller (AngelFire Chronicles Bk #1) by Ami Blackwelder
  16. Spirit of the Forest by J.J. Abrams
  17. The Bad Luck Wedding Dress (The Bad Luck Wedding series) by Geralyn Dawson
  18. The Bedeviled Heart (The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series) by Carmen Caine

  19. The Burning Sky (Halcyon #1) by Joseph Robert Lewis
  20. The Gaia Wars by Kenneth G. Bennett
  21. The Gates (The Resistance Trilogy) by Rachael Wade
  22. The Homecoming Masquerade (Girls Wearing Black: Book One) by Spencer Baum
  23. The Ninth District - A Thriller by Douglas Dorow
  24. The Toil and Trouble Trilogy, Book One by V. J. Chambers
  25. To Love A Witch (A Novel Nibbles title) by Debora Geary
  26. Tsunami Blue (The Tsunami Blue Series) by Gayle Ann Williams

Available on all formats:
A Heart in Sun and Shadow    by Annie Bellet
A Kingdom's Cost    by J. R. Tomlin
A Storm Hits Valparaiso    by David Gaughran
All The Secret Things    by Sheila Cragg
Alone (Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose - 1)    by Steve Perlow
Angel Evolution    by David Estes
Animaia    by Lee Rogers
Anyone    by Melissa Conway
Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide    by Jill Homer
Beast Saves the Brothers and Sisters of the Cosmic I AM    by G.W. Davies
Beckoning Light (The Afterglow Trilogy)    by Alyssa Rose Ivy
Betrayed    by Wodke Hawkinson
Blood Duty    by J. R. Tomlin
Blood of the Dragon    by Samantha Warren
Blood Tide    by Tess Oliver
Bound by Fire    by Ronald Craft
Brambleman    by Jonathan Grant
Brandon Marlowe and the Alpha in the Omega    by Eric Livingston
Burning Embers and Other Stories of Marriage, Work, and Family    by Charlie Close
Chain Gang Elementary    by Jonathan Grant
City of Roses Vol. 1: "Wake up..."    by Kip Manley
Color My Horse    by Bev Pettersen
Counterpoint    by Tom S. Christian
Dark Before Dawn    by Stacy Juba
Darkest Desire: The Wolf's Own Tale    by Anthony Schmitz
Deadly Straits (For Tom Clancy & W.E.B. Griffin fans)    by R.E. McDermott
Death of an Escort    by Nathan Pennington
Deep Black Beyond    by Annie Bellet
Dirty Little Angels    by Chris Tusa
Dolphin Girl    by Shel Delisle
Draykon    by Charlotte E. English
Elegy: Book 1 of the Arbiter Codex    by Christopher Kellen
Falling (Fallen Idols #1 - paranormal chick lit romance novella)    by Cecilia Gray
Fast-Tracked (Book 1 in the Fast-Track Triolgy)    by Tracy Rozzlynn
Fezariu's Epiphany    by David M. Brown
Finding Fiona    by Emily Ann Ward
Fire (Elements of the Undead Book One)    by William Esmont
Fresh Flesh    by Todd Russell
Friends With Partial Benefits    by Luke Young
Future Destinies    by Chris Turner
Gargoyles    by Alan Nayes
Grave Situation    by Alex MacLean
Grundish and Askew    by Lance Carbuncle
Hang On    by Nell Gavin
Harbingers of Mortality    by Steve Thomas
In Search of the Yellow Dog    by George L Potter
India Was One    by An Indian
La Cienega Just Smiled    by Leslie DuBois
Let the Dragon Wake    by Sylvia Volk
Limerick: The Shimmer Trilogy, #2    by Kimberly Spencer
Linked    by Lisa Alden
Love Lust and Petty Crime    by Hercules Bantas
LS: The Beginning    by Kelvin O'Ralph
Malice    by Griffin Hayes
Megazaur: Akysha's Fury    by Brian Poor
Michael Belmont and the Tomb of Anubis    by Ethan Russell Erway
Multiples of Six    by Andy Rane
Naked Mommy    by Aidan Parkinson
Not Quite Ordinary    by Ariana Knight
Of Moths and Butterflies    by VR Christensen
Olga - A Daughter's Tale    by Marie-Therese Browne (Marie Campbell)
Online    by Seth Blackburn
Past, Future, & Present Danger (Book Two of The Absurd Misadventures of Captain Rescue)    by Joshua Price
Pendant of Power    by J. R. Tomlin
Playing with Fire    by Coral Russell
Practice Cake    by Dalya Moon
Promising Light    by Emily Ann Ward
Prowl    by RW Holmen
Race    by Mobashar Qureshi
Restless Highways    by Melissa L. Webb
Return to Love: A Romance Novel for Young Adults    by Lynn Hubbard
Rex Rising    by Chrystalla Thoma
Rippler    by Cidney Swanson
River Daughter and Other Stories    by Annie Bellet
Saturation    by Jennifer Place
Sea Change    by Francis Rowan
Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle    by Marie Harbon
Shada    by Craig Hansen
Sink or Swim    by Stacy Juba
Spirits Rising    by Krista D. Ball
Still Life With Brass Pole    by Craig Machen
Stray : Touchstone Part 1    by Andrea Höst
Summoning    by Debi Faulkner
Taken (The Taken Trilogy, Book #1)    by Zia Marie
Talon of the Unnamed Goddess    by J. R. Tomlin
Ten Typewriter Tales    by Mobashar Qureshi
The Caldarian Conflict    by Mike Kalmbach
The Cemetery Vote    by Steve Silkin
The Choice    by Lorhainne Eckhart
The Elsingham Portrait    by Elizabeth Chater
The Gifts (Vol 1- The Gifts: Trilogy)    by Patria Dunn-Rowe
The Gossamer Sphere    by Melissa Conway
The Inhabitants of Magnolia Park    by Tracy James Jones
The Legion Legacy, Part 1; The Vampire's Heart    by Cochin Breaker
The New Death and others    by James Hutchings
The Nightmare Within    by Glen Krisch
The October Five    by Mobashar Qureshi
The Paperboys Club    by Mobashar Qureshi
The Price    by Joseph Garraty
The Shoot    by Timothy Frost
The Sphinx Project    by Kate Hawkings
The Traveler's Companion    by Christopher John Chater
The Unborn Trilogy    by Aldrea Alien
The Zarder    by Sara Jo Easton
Thin Hope    by Holly Hook
Three Girls and a Baby    by Rachel Schurig
Too Far Under    by Lynn Osterkamp
Twenty-Five Years Ago Today    by Stacy Juba
Unaccounted For    by Nan Willard Cappo
Up in the Attic and Other Stories    by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Valentine's Cafe    by Anthony Schmitz
Verita (Book 1 in the Verita Series)    by Tracy Rozzlynn
Voices Beckon    by Linda Lee Graham
Welcome To The Underworld    by I.F Rowan
Where Darkness Dwells    by Glen Krisch
Willowtree    by Mike Bove
Xenofreak Nation    by Melissa Conway
Year of the WereCurse—WereWhat? by Debi Faulkner

I do understand if it’s hard to choose..:).. I myself got tired of typing all these.. So I hope you all win.. Good Luck!!!


  1. Wow. These are amazing books and what a great giveaway. I would love to win a book from your list. Thanks so much.

  2. These sound great! I would love to win.




  3. This is great...Thank you for the giveaway..


  4. How fun! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  5. ah! look at all the books!!


  6. Wow! What an amazing giveaway :) This is very cool. Thanks for hosting :)

  7. I see some really good books to read in the list. Thanks for the giveaway. I'll keep entering:)

  8. As bad as this sounds, I haven't read any of these books (I know, it's a crying shame). lol My goal today is to look on Amazon and read reviews on these titles. I'll see which ones interest me the most and I'll be back to talk about them.

  9. Love All The Choices butterfli262002@yahoo.com

  10. WOW! What a great giveaway! I haven't read these yet! But I love e-books!

  11. great giveaway!


  12. Hi everyone,..thanks so much for entering this giveaway.. and congrats to those who won..:)


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