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Ireland Rose

Ireland Rose by Patricia Strefling
  • Paperback: 280 pages
  • Publisher: WestBow Press (July 19, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1449721850
  • ISBN-13: 978-1449721855
Baltimore-born Ireland Rose, daughter of Irish immigrants, must be married by    her seventeenth birthday. Rose's father    finds a suitable husband, Captain Camden   Lovell, twenty-seven years her senior.     Captain Lovell takes his bride to          Charleston, provides her with a beautiful  home on the Battery and good standing in   Charleston Society.                       
Three years later Rose is a widow. Captain Wyatt, her husband's   trusted employee is now in charge of her affairs. Rose senses he  does not like her. One day he brings a young woman with child to  her - and a secret that must be kept. A little girl is born, and  Rose becomes a mother. Captain Wyatt offers to marry her in name  only to protect her from Charleston society gossip, but she is    determined she will not marry a second time for protection. She   will marry for love or live alone.                                                                                                 

Just three months later, August 31st, 1886 the city of Charleston suffers the worst earthquake of the century. Her beautiful home   is in shambles. Rose has no choice but to return to her parents'  birthplace in Ireland. The only record she has of her Irish       ancestry is in her mother's Bible. She and her infant daughter    take the next ship to Ireland. She has begun to hope she has      finally found happiness when Captain Wyatt comes with news that   shatters her heart.                                              
Every person Rose loves is taken away. Her faith in God is        shaken. There is a plan for her, but she can't see it. Captain    Wyatt breaks her heart, not once but twice.                      

Ireland Rose, titled from the heroine of the story..It’s quite a weird name.;)

I always love historical romances..and this time the story is set in Ireland and Charlestone.

It’s quite fascinating really, how she found love in Captain Wyatt..especially the story behind Wyatt and his first love, I won’t say more..but it’s really a wonderful coincidence, and just like Rose I’m so into the lovers letters, even if it sounded as a one-sided-conversation…

Honestly, at first I found the story rather a little slower…I also hate the fact how Wyatt seemed to act nonchalant about Rose…but at the end..everything makes sense.

Rose’s character is truly amazing! Even her life was put into chaos, she still believes in God..even if the whole society would ridicule her, she still did her best to protect others first. With this book, I felt more connected to her than anyone else, from her sweet moments as a rich Captain’s daughter, to her being a widow, to the time she’s been look down by her former friends until she have to let go of the child she cared for..Through ups and downs, her character become strong. And I think, it’s one thing that should remind us to be like her.

This book proves that whatever happens, even if you have nothing left..He has still his plans stored for you…You just have to trust Him. More than anything else, Ireland Rose is pack with history, romance and a wonderful lesson about faith and love that any reader could bury in their heart…

Ms. Patricia Strefling did a wonderful job in weaving histories of Ireland and Charleston into a unique and provoking story…

If you’re interested with a little drama, historical romance….grab this book now!..:)

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