Thursday, September 20, 2012

Promotional Event (Excertp+Giveaway): Hemlock Pond by Alan Nayes

Title: Hemlock Pond
Genre and Age Group: young adult, adult
Author: Alan Nayes
Release date: 8/22/12
Event dates: 9/13-10/4

Megan Parker and her young son move into an old farmhouse with a haunted pond on the property. But they find there is more living in the pond than only fish and turtles. Far more…
Megan soon discovers the dark curse of Hemlock Pond will touch her family in ways she never could have imagined.

How could a view be both so frighteningly desolate and alarmingly beautiful? She’d never traveled to the arctic far north, but she imagined the vista would not be so very different—except for the trees, many only barren trunks and scraggly limbs. They would remain denuded and brown until the winter snow melted. Even the hemlocks had lost some of their green.

Sparkling white surrounded her position atop the shallow knoll. In every direction, the snow blanketed pastures and woods, even touching the big house on the hill.

Below her, the pond was no longer visible, hadn’t been for several months, hidden under a foot-thick mantle of solid ice. Every day she would walk over the submerged water and attempt to see what she’d started. 

The police kept coming by, asking the same questions. She didn’t care. She’d never tell. She thought about the cattail marsh, dormant for many weeks—would it survive the brutal temperatures? And the kiddy dock where they used to fish—she hoped the pinewood planks would not splinter and break.

And under the ice…

The deputy sheriff had said five months of freezing cold.

Then in the spring, the pond ice would thaw. When the snow melted, she would be ready for It. She had secured a heavy chain with ankle shackles to the huge oak behind the house. She’d picked a spot secluded from view and where the sun’s early morning rays bathed the ground. She knew It would come for her at night. Then once the shackles were locked in place, there would be no place for It to hide. What she had done, she would undo. Sure, she was afraid. More afraid every day. She prayed the end came quickly. And with little pain, though she doubted this would be the case. For either of them.

For now, she could do nothing but shiver and wait.

So shiver and wait for It, she would.

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  1. I love stories like this. I could totally get lost in this book. Ok, this is one of those must-read books for me. It's going on the top of my TBR list. I've also started following Alan on Goodreads.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I'm hoping I'm the lucky winner. :)

  2. Oh wow this looks scary. I love scary. I may have to sleep with the lights Thank you.

  3. This looks like creepy story. A perfect read with October coming up. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Well I have goose bimbles from reading the synopsis and post and absolutely love the cover. Definitely a must read and the first I have heard of it. Thank you for sharing this new, to me, read. I am looking forward to the ride.


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