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Cherie Colyer: Embrace
He leaned in closer to me. His eyes were a shimmering, deep brown, but there was a speck of ocean blue at the edge of his right iris. I couldn’t remember what I was about to say. My heart did a pirouette in my chest, and my breath caught in my throat. I closed the distance between us. His lips were firm and warm, and I wanted to kiss him forever. 

Jennifer Lane: Streamline 

“Yesss!” Leo whooped, punching air. He grabbed Audrey in a hug and plunged her underwater with him. They exchanged goofy grins, staring at each other through their goggles.

He leaned forward and met her soft lips. Their first underwater

kiss created bubbles that floated lazily to the surface. Audrey ran her fingers through his coarse hair, and they lingered until his lungs were bursting.

Jess Bowen: Breaking Point
Hector surprised Phoebe when he leaned down and pressed his cheek to hers. With both of them using his talent, his cheek felt soft and pliable against hers.
"Just remember, you made me do this," he whispered in her ear.
A warm sensation filled her stomach. He sighed heavily again, like he wasn’t looking forward to something. He pulled his cheek from hers, let go of one of her arms, and locked his hand at the back of her neck instead. Something felt wrong about the situation, but since she couldn’t feel anything in particular, she couldn’t tell what.
Then he pressed his lips to hers.
It was meant to be soft and brief, just enough to get her to snap out of her peaceful state; the second his lips touched hers, she knew that much. But a second later, a spark ignited in her chest and spread through her body like wildfire.

Hector sucked in a deep breath, and his hands trapped her face between them. His lips became hard and urgent against hers as a noise of longing and pleasure escaped his throat. Without even thinking, Phoebe responded.

Susan Kaye Quinn: Life, Liberty, and Pursuit
Dear Eliza,
I’m standing watch outside my ship, tired from a long day of training, studying, and drills. Normally, I can’t wait for nighttime, because that is when I get to think and dream about you. Did I tell you I dream of you every night? But tonight, I will gladly trade dreaming for the chance to write to you again.

You asked about boot camp, and I will tell you, but only if you promise to fend off your admirers and write me a letter to answer my questions as well. I have your picture in my locker and start every day looking at your beautiful smile and wondering why I didn’t kiss you more while you were wearing that purple dress. I have a bunkmate named Clayton, who is also going to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey. He was very helpful in acquiring the paper I’m using to write you. We have most of our classes together, although we are only learning Navy rules and regs so far. We spend a lot of time on drills and physical training. I daydream about you during all of it.

Now, you must answer the following questions: Is being a camp counselor the drudgery that you expected? What have you been doing with your friends since you’ve been home? Have you thought more about your major in the fall? Are you still wearing my ring?
Since I won’t be getting any sleep tonight and will miss dreaming about you, I will have to create my own waking dream. It starts with you waving from far away as I come off the gangplank. I’m dressed in my navy whites, because I’m returning from a tour of duty, and you are wearing an amazing blue dress that doesn’t touch your knees, but seems to touch everywhere else. I have to wade through other sailors and their girlfriends and wives to reach you, but when I finally do, I hold you for a very long time, lips pressed to yours, not wanting to let you go.
Please write soon.

Carol Oates: Iridescent (Ember #2)
Without conscious decision, her hands trailed down the wet cotton, stopping when his stomach sucked in. Candra bit her lip and held very still. Neither of them seemed to be breathing and the one sound was the constant tinkling of water against tile. Sebastian’s fingers remained in her hair, and Candra peeked up through wet eyelashes to see him watching her intently. His jaw set and his cheeks flushed. Candra’s heart fluttered inside her chest. She felt like a small animal in the sights of a predator.
She had always known Sebastian might be dangerous. Something always simmered below his skin, a scorching, righteous passion forever on the verge of exploding into an inferno with the slightest provocation. He was a force of heaven with an exquisite, virile presence. A weak person could so easily lose herself in him completely. Sebastian would never allow her to be that person. Therefore, she balanced on the precipice of oblivion where love provided both freedom to soar and security to keep her grounded.

Trisha Wolfe: Destiny’s Fire
   “Not yet.” I jerked my head away from his penetrating gaze. “But don’t let that fool you.”

He chuckled. “Oh, I’m not fooled. You’re plenty capable.” His red eyes flicked down my body. “But, no ink, no power. I wouldn’t want to accidentally hurt my new ally.”

I glanced around the dark room, struggling under his hold. “There’s more of your allies here, you know,” I told him, finding his eyes again. “Don’t want to threaten the Treaty Act in front of witnesses, do you?”

He laughed, a low, menacing sound. “Well, precious. Let this be a lesson.” He snapped my hands above my head, gripping them both with only one of his. Then he slid his fingers down my cheek, pausing to run his thumb over my bottom lip. “You shouldn’t come out to play until you have the power to party like a big girl.”   

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