Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Review: Silent Song

Silent Song by Ron C. Nieto

  • Paperback: 290 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (May 14, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 147518400X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1475184006

The princess of the school, Alice, is keeping a secret that could strip her of her high school fame. She is obsessed with the school’s outcast, Keith, but not just him – his music.

Since the inspiration for the song hit, Keith can’t get it out of his mind. The song must be played; it demands to be played. He knows the music is changing him, but he is unable to stop it.

Music has the ability to move you, enlighten you, and take you to places you have never dreamed of. And this particular piece? It has a life of its own and makes you forget who you really are.

As Keith and Alice learn of one another to the notes of that one perfect tune, they can overlook their roles and discover who they could be together. But they also discover someone else is listening and intends on keeping Keith to herself, possibly for an eternity.

Ok, so I participated in the Silent Song tour a week ago, but it isn’t for review but for a “6 Words Post”. But luckily, the author was so generous of giving me a copy, so I can share this wonderful story with you.>:)

First off, the cover isn’t really that pretty, but it catches any reader’s attention with the rose’s petals and the guitar. It does really speak of the content.

I read the summary, but it didn’t prepare me of what’s inside. I hadn’t even expected this to be a little bit, or more paranormal. I know, I must be really stupid to not read between the lines of the summary..lol..

Anyways, when the book arrived I hadn’t really planned of reading it right away, but since I was curious, I decided to read the first chapter. And then, the next thing I know, I finish the book in one sitting! That’s how good and capturing it was!!!

I can’t believe this is the author’s first book. Ron Nieto’s writing was spectacular. I love how she described music through Alice’s perspective of Keith’s music. As a lover of music myself, it’s really amazing to read a book that really captures the essence of music and make it come alive. I could actually sometimes feel what Alice feel of his music..:D

Also, the story’s in a perfect timing, at first, we got to know Alice and her secret, her and Keith’s past connection, got to know the real Keith, saw their fear, doubt of having each other, then they’re falling in love, then there’s the big twist. All of a sudden, from YA contemporary, we’re onto YA paranormal, with bits of Historical, and it’s such a nice transition.

Plus, I love all of the characters, yes even Beatrice,,..:D Alice- even if she’s one of the popular girls, she does have a heart and really stands up for her principles. Keith- at first I was disappointed of the thought that he’s Alice’s love interest. But after a few scenes, his music, his story, he simply carves out a place in my heart. I believe that he has the center stage here. And what’s even cool, I don’t care if he’s gothic and vulnerable and not the typical, hero-type-hot guy, what matters is he’s such a sweet, haunting and caring guy. Although, I did love those times, when he seemed to act like the bad boy **not so spoiler** like when Lena saw them at the gymn, the swagger, the way he said it, and the words, I really think it’s cool. **end of not so spoiler**

I fell in love with Alice and Keith. The mystery behind the song, Alice’s attraction to Keith’s music, the high school drama, the play. Everything. There might be some typos but it’s not enough to distract me from reading. There’s a lot to say, and yet I know no one would bother to read this if I continued blubbering..lol…

SO, what I would just like to say is, this book is::::

Very highly recommended, one of the best books I’ve read this year. Perfect for music, YA, even historical and supernatural lovers. If you want a high school love story that’s unique in every way, then grab Ron Nieto’s Silent Song now..:)

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