Thursday, April 5, 2012

Book Review: Promises

Promises by Amber Garr
  • Paperback: 266 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (April 8, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1468006797
  • ISBN-13: 978-1468006797

She knew this day was coming.

When seventeen-year-old Eviana Dumahl is faced with the responsibility of an arranged marriage and clan leadership, she is forced to choose between the life required of a mermaid and one of a teenage girl simply infatuated with the wrong guy. Kain, her devoted fiancé would make a wonderful husband except that she’s been in love with Brendan, a shape-shifting selkie, ever since they were kids. Choosing to abandon her family, her clan, and her life with Kain will have dire consequences far beyond anything she could have imagined.
A war is brewing amongst the clans and Eviana unwittingly becomes a pawn in the intricate schemes of a twisted mastermind. With Brendan’s life on the line, she has no choice but to involve those who she once considered friends. Amidst encountering senseless tragedies and immense loss, Eviana discovers that she is more valuable as a clan leader than anyone ever suspected. Her survival is not only dependent upon the loyalty of her friends, but also on her acceptance of a life that she had so adamantly tried to escape.

First, I’d like to say that I loved the cover. It fits wonderfully into the theme of the novel.

“Promises” is the first book of The Syrenka Series trilogy following Eviana and her friends through the perils of clan wars, tragedies and immense loss.
I admit that it’s easy to predict the storyline in the first chapters, but soon I’d find a lot of unexpected turns and twist that left me stunned and emotionally affected. And from there, I was totally hooked with the story.

What makes the story so relatable and enjoying to read is Ms. Garr’s writing. I enjoyed reading the conversations, and she made the story flow naturally.
I enjoyed the author’s description especially how these sea creatures change from human form to their magical form. It’s easy to picture it happening. I enjoyed the mermaid lore and other stuffs about them. This is actually my first mermaid novel and I was not disappointed.

This book is a love triangle, and even though it was Brendan that Eviana loves, I find Kain to be charming and lovable. With Eviana’s narration, it’s easy to see that she has a mounting feeling for Kain, which makes Kain almost the center of the book. There was more detail on him than Brendan, but I hope to learn more of Brendan in the next book too.

Eviana meanwhile, even though I want to smack her most of the times, her character was developed as the story goes on. In every situation she was put in, she grows and learns something from it.

The ending of this book meanwhile is a little too-happily-ever-after for me. But the excerpt of the second book takes that feeling back and replaces it with thrill and excitement..:)

All in all, Promises is a great book to start The Syrenka Series. I was deeply absorbed with the book from beginning til end. YA Romance mixed with sea folklores and legends make “Promises” a unique book that is fascinating, engaging and over-all a must-read!

Highly Recommended to everyone!..:)

P.S.There is a free excerpt of the Chapter 1 of Betrayal , the sequel at the back of the book. It promises another Eviana and Kain moment, and a little bit creepy…:)

Check out my interview with Amber Garr and possibly win either Promises or Betrayal!
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  1. Thank you so much Abby! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!!

    1. Thanks so much for the book Ms. Garr...:)

  2. Oooh, mermaids! This sounds good, I'll have to check it out!

    1. It's a really cool book and the mermaid lore is pretty fascinating..:) You should read it!/..:D

  3. A giveaway along with the interview is brewing...:) Stay tuned!

  4. I haven't read many mermaid books, this sounds awesome.

  5. I'm not really a huge fan of mermaids but now and then if I see a cover that attracts my eyes and read that it is about mermaids I have a change of mind... I hope I will have a copy of this book so I can relate with you... Thank you for this!!!

    1. I hope you win.>:D
      the covers are really impressive..

  6. I haven't read any mermaid books yet but I heard great things about the series. Hopefully I'll have a copy soon! Very excited!


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