Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tribute to Typhoon Sendong Victims

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Everyone of us might have heard what happened in Mindanao, especially Cagayan and Iligan part..
Typhoon Sendong Killed 600+ people and counting. many people are still missing.. i feel sorry for the people of Mindanao. Its Christmas Season and the people here hadn't expect such a thing since Mindanao rarely experienced typhoons, if not just heavy rains..but certainly no flashfloods...

a body at the side of the road
Let's pray and help these people in every way we can...
after-effects of the typhoon

A father weeps while carrying the body of his child...

For your help...visit this blog: http://sendong.republicanegrense.com/


  1. I felt so sad about this catastrophic incident, I hope that people of the Philippines will then realize the value of our dear nature… stop illegal logging before the whole country plunge as a river…

    1. I agree, not just illegal logging but mining too... we should protect our dear nature, before its too late..

  2. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. I hope that preventative measures can be put in place soon. One thing that can be done which costs nothing is each individual take responsibility for their garbage and put it where it belongs instead of throwing it all over the streets, rivers, and everywhere else.

    1. yep, The government or maybe each of us should take full responsibility of our actions and its consequences to our environment,...


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